Comment 0 for bug 622790

Depends on:
  bug #622781

Once we have a good sense of what we can do with the data that's associated with the components of a gesture (see bug #622781), we're going to be able to start collecting data. We'll need a script or compiled executable to do this. The script needs to do the following:
 * query the user to perform a particular gesture (e,g., "Please perform a 3-finger tap")
 * let the user know what the gesture engine recognized
 * record the complete data set of the gesture
 * let the user know that the gesture has been recorded
 * ask for another gesture, and repeat process
 * this app should eventually cycle through all defined/recognized gestures and repeat
 * bonus points: after cycling through an entire set, gestures that did not match what grail expected should be re-queried with more frequency than others.