Comment 36 for bug 310999

Another key advantage of 'internal' sub-roots for each RA that I failed to mention above is that users see the name of the RA as the name of the Issuer (eg 'CertStar' rather than 'Comodo'). This is interesting for CAcert.org, where organisations (eg 'Acme, Inc.') would appear as the issuer for their own employees rather than 'CAcert, Inc.' itself.

Where the subject and/or issuer information is prominently displayed (as it arguably should be for all certs, not just EV) this allows the user to make more informed decisions about who to trust (rather than the existing binary decision made by the browser). It also allows CAs to compete on reputation rather than continue on this race to the bottom. Indeed one could go so far as to start with no 'hard' trust anchors (except perhaps MoFo for updates, CA recommendations etc.) and let users approve each issuer as they are encountered.

Anyway the point is that with sub-roots we could have turned off CertStar without pissing everyone else off and without moving another step closer to a trust monopoly.