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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1837877: [OSSA-2019-003] Nova Server Resource Faults Leak External Exception Details (CVE-2019-14433) High Fix Committed 83 weeks
Bug #1754360: no unquiesce for volume backed on quiesce failure Medium Fix Committed 155 weeks

From: Eric M Gonzalez
Link: master.a4f926b8e1.unquisece_on_quiesce_failure.patch


Bug #1692397: hypervisor statistics could be incorrect Low Fix Committed 165 weeks

From: Hua Zhang
Link: trusty-mitaka.debdiff


Bug #1664931: [OSSA-2017-005] nova rebuild ignores all image properties and scheduler filters (CVE-2017-16239) High Fix Committed 174 weeks
Bug #1634495: nova generate wrong spice channel type 'pty', which should be 'spicevmc' Medium Fix Committed 227 weeks

From: m4cr0v
Link: Fix-type-of-the-channel-for-spice-agent.patch


Bug #1597596: network not always cleaned up when spawning VMs Medium Confirmed 235 weeks

From: Dr. Jens Harbott
Link: nova.test.patch


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