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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #2030976: oslo notifications sending sensitive tokens Undecided Confirmed 7 weeks
Bug #2028518: nova scheduler debug logs TypeError Undecided New 10 weeks
Bug #1869804: Live migration with Train-style cpu_shared_set not updating CPU pinning Low Confirmed 28 weeks
Bug #1978064: [Libvirt] IceLake CPU model not recognized Low Confirmed 38 weeks
Bug #1940521: Resize attached volume with fiberchannel Medium Triaged 110 weeks
Bug #1771506: Unit test failure with OpenSSL 1.1.1 Low In Progress 242 weeks
Bug #1452641: Static Ceph mon IP addresses in connection_info can prevent VM startup Medium Confirmed 299 weeks
Bug #968696: "admin"-ness not properly scoped Wishlist Confirmed 343 weeks
Bug #1649232: Broken OVA Import on VMwareVCDriver Medium Confirmed 355 weeks
Bug #1563954: use_forwarded_for exposes metadata High Confirmed 379 weeks
Bug #1554227: DHCP unicast requests are not responded to Low Confirmed 395 weeks
Bug #1447679: service No-VNC (port 6080) doesn't require authentication Medium Confirmed 439 weeks
Bug #1449492: Cinder not working with IPv6 ISCSI Low Confirmed 440 weeks
Bug #1445637: Instance resource quota not observed for non-ephemeral storage Low Confirmed 441 weeks
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