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Bug #1771662: [bionic] libvirtError: Node device not found: no node device with matching name Undecided New 3 weeks

From: dann frazier
Link: libvirt-no-thunderx-switchdev.debdiff


Bug #1734320: Eavesdropping private traffic Undecided In Progress 40 weeks

From: Ihar Hrachyshka
Link: 0001-Create-new-ovs-ports-with-dead-vlan-tag.patch

os-vif tagging new ovs port with dead tag

Bug #1741575: creating a VM without IP (ip_allocation='none') Undecided In Progress 40 weeks

From: Mathieu Rohon
Link: patch_segment.txt


Bug #1452641: Static Ceph mon IP addresses in connection_info can prevent VM startup Medium In Progress 41 weeks

From: Walt Boring

virt/libvirt/ patch

Bug #1560965: libvirt selects wrong root device name Low Confirmed 59 weeks

From: Stefanos Koffas
Link: 1560965.patch


Bug #968696: "admin"-ness not properly scoped Wishlist In Progress 85 weeks

From: Marc Heckmann
Link: neutron_req_context.patch


Bug #1662432: Instance storage calculation should use BDM information instead of the flavor specification Undecided In Progress 88 weeks

From: MarkMielke
Link: nova.patch


Bug #1649232: Broken OVA Import on VMwareVCDriver Medium Confirmed 96 weeks

From: Fabian Wiesel
Link: 0001-Fix-import-of-OVAs-with-VMwareVCDriver.patch


Bug #1627597: Nova instance backup with rotation 0 creates backup and deletes it immediately Wishlist In Progress 104 weeks

From: Bhagyashri Shewale
Link: 0001-Change-backup-rotation-min-value-from-0-to-1.patch

In this patch I am changing the minimum value of rotation to 1. If user provides 0 as a rotation value then it will raise HttpBadRequest.

Bug #1563954: use_forwarded_for exposes metadata High Confirmed 120 weeks

From: Tony Breeds
Link: 0001-metadata-Limit-servers-that-can-use-X-Forwarded-For.patch


Bug #1554227: DHCP unicast requests are not responded to Low Confirmed 136 weeks

From: Kelvin Koh
Link: nova-network-dnsmasq-vlan.patch


Bug #1447679: service No-VNC (port 6080) doesn't require authentication Medium Confirmed 181 weeks

From: Tony Breeds
Link: 0001-Add-one_time_token-config-option.patch

Introduce a config option to make consoleauth tokens one use only

Bug #1449492: Cinder not working with IPv6 ISCSI Low Confirmed 181 weeks

From: Matt Grant
Link: nova-iscsi-ipv6-hack.patch

Nova IPv6 iSCSI hack - one liner

Bug #1355171: Can not have IPv4 or IPv6 only interfaces injected via /etc/network/interfaces. Medium In Progress 218 weeks

From: Pierre-Antoine Haidar-Bachminska
Link: interfaces.template.patch


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