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Sounds good to me

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Ok, so I missed Vish's patch, Phil just pointed out that with his fix, changes to the DB aren't required.

This would still leave flaky values in the DB. I guess I'd like to see a fix where:

A) Data enters the DB in the correct state (this makes late queries and as-yet unwritten code - simpler).
B) Security Group code is robust to bad data currently in the DB
C) Advice for people who wish to clean the DB


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  Security groups fail to be set correctly if incorrect case is used for
  protocol specification

Status in OpenStack Compute (Nova):

Bug description:
  The high level issue is that if a security group rule is specified
  with the protocol in uppercase (e.g. TCP instead of tcp) on a system
  using the IpTablesFirewallDriver then the security group rules may
  fail to be properly applied, leading to security groups that are more
  open than specified.

  The detail of the issue is as follows (Described from the OSAPI
  perspective, but the problem also exists on EC2)

  When a security group rule is specified with the protocol in upper case it is validated (contrig/ _rule_args_to_dict() regardless of case but stored in the database in the supplied case:
      if ip_protocol.upper() not in ['TCP', 'UDP', 'ICMP']:
                  raise exception.InvalidIpProtocol(protocol=ip_protocol)


    values['protocol'] = ip_protocol

  When the security group refresh is triggered (virt/ – instance_rules() the protocol check is case sensitive:

                  if protocol in ['udp', 'tcp']:
                      args += self._build_tcp_udp_rule(rule, version)
                  elif protocol == 'icmp':
                      args += self._build_icmp_rule(rule, version)
                  if rule.cidr:
            'Using cidr %r', rule.cidr)
                      args += ['-s', rule.cidr]
                      fw_rules += [' '.join(args)]

  Because the protocol doesn’t match ‘udp’ or ‘tcp’ the protocol part of
  the rule is skipped, leading to an incomplete and invalid iptables
  command line.

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