Comment 2 for bug 924918

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 093e4d38d511c7bb8d48fceebbfd8e350b533075
Author: Johannes Erdfelt <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 1 17:07:16 2012 +0000

    Make sure multiple calls to _get_session() aren't nested

    Fixes bug 924918

    async_call_plugin() acquires a xenapi session as does the nested call to
    get_xenapi_host(). This can cause a deadlock if multiple greenthreads
    all block waiting for the outer sessions to be freed to allocate the
    inner session. This change moves the call to get_xenapi_host() to outside
    the with statement to ensure calls to _get_session() aren't nested.

    Change-Id: I8f5490f40a9ccaf74a276187f66519a5d5f52b2e