Comment 0 for bug 1825584

iain MacDonnell (imacdonn) wrote :

Stein nova-api running under uWSGI presents an AMQP issue. The first API call that requires RPC creates an AMQP connection and successfully completes. Normally regular heartbeats would be sent from this point on, to maintain the connection. This is not happening. After a few minutes, the AMQP server (rabbitmq, in my case) notices that there have been no heartbeats, and drops the connection. A later nova API call that requires RPC tries to use the old connection, and throws a "connection reset by peer" exception and the API call fails. A mailing-list reponse suggests that this is affecting mod_wsgi also:

I've discovered that this problem seems to be caused by eventlet monkey-patching, which was introduced in:

It was later rearranged in:

but this problem remains.

If I comment out the import of nova.monkey_patch in nova/api/openstack/ the problem goes away.

Seems that eventlet monkey-patching and uWSGI are not getting along for some reason...