Documentation Error for Placement API Port Number

Bug #1759839 reported by Taylor Knowles on 2018-03-29
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Document instructs user to create the endpoints for Placement API to be 8780, but they should be 8778. This applies to the Red Hat and OpenSUSE documentation for Queens. Ubuntu edition appears to be correct.

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Release: 17.0.2.dev37 on 2018-03-29 10:13
SHA: 20d293588adbead40d5f4b29bc695d8dff332ba4

jichenjc (jichenjc) wrote :

are you using latest master or some version?

I suspect it's a duplicate even though it says SuSE, but it fixes doc/source/install/controller-install-obs.rst file

Chris Dent (cdent) wrote :

I agree that 8780 is not aligned with what people are commonly using for exposing as a placement port (8778).

However, ideally, entries in the service catalog should be on port 80 or port 443 and be distinguished from other service by either a path (e.g., https://controll/placement) or domain (e.g., https://placement.controller/) and not port.

Using ports makes life more complex for firewalls and is generally just bad design for web-based services.

Chris Dent (cdent) wrote :

The root problem here is that suse is using a different port from (at least some) deb-based systems.

The port shouldn't matter (and we shouldn't use them), but it would be nice if the docs were consistent.

Thomas Bechtold (toabctl) wrote :

@Chris, in the SUSE package, the default placement port is aligned with the devstack setup (see where port 8780 is used.
So what do you mean with "...what people are commonly using for exposing as a placement port..." ?

Chris Dent (cdent) wrote :

@Thomas note the comment there: " This virtualhost is only here because some directives can
# only be set by a virtualhost or server context, so that's why the port is not bound."

The port is not bound, its just there to create a logging context. The actual service catalog entry for placement is at http://thehost/placement

Also, that file is no longer used, placement is hosted by uwsgi in devstack.

8778 is what I'd been seeing in docs. I wish no ports were used anywhere.

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melanie witt (melwitt) wrote :
Changed in nova:
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melanie witt (melwitt) wrote :

Regarding the devstack use of port 8780, it looks like devstack deploys services based on the WSGI_MODE variable and can run them either under uwsgi or apache mod_wsgi (example: keystone, placement, glance). So, I'm not sure if we should remove it from devstack if placement supports mod_wsgi. Things would break if anyone is running devstack with WSGI_MODE != "uwsgi" since the same setting is used to control keystone, placement, and glance.

Chris Dent (cdent) wrote :

> Things would break if anyone is running devstack with WSGI_MODE != "uwsgi"

We should remove this functionality because it is misleading for some of the services, but especially placement. The virtual host entry is there for the sake of logging but doesn't actually listen on that port and isn't registered in the service catalog.

And, running placement under mod_wsgi isn't really a "best practice" because of memory use and socket handling.

All of which I'm hoping to document real soon now.

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