Comment 13 for bug 1696830

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit f011198f5bd93d20fd37a124140d9addbf1a4c29
Author: Corey Bryant <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 13 13:14:00 2017 +0000

    Enable nova-placement-api config and logging

    nova-placement-api is a bit tricky. The wsgi application doesn't accept
    CLI arguments, so we can't pass --config-file, --config-dir, or
    --log-file via uwsgi's pyargv. Additionally, nova-placement-api doesn't
    pass the [keystone_authtoken] from the config file found in
    OS_PLACEMENT_CONFIG_DIR to keystonemiddleware.

    We continue to use the OS_PLACEMENT_CONFIG_DIR environment variable to
    point at the default nova.conf in $SNAP/etc/nova.conf. This default
    nova.conf includes logdir=$SNAP_COMMON/log/, enabling nova-placement-api.log
    to be written to the correct directory.

    Passing [keystone_authtoken] to keystonemiddleware is fixed in oslo.config.
    The prior commit titled "Patch (_COMMON) dirs into oslo.config defaults"
    includes a patch for this. keystonemiddleware gets the [keystone_authtoken]
    config via oslo.config's find_config_files() and find_config_dirs(), which
    are patched to include the $SNAP and $SNAP_COMMON config directories.

    Change-Id: I02e2a5d9df91eb8cbf36beb474809bc1e80fe80b
    Closes-Bug: 1696830