Comment 15 for bug 1483132

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit c05b338f163e0bafbe564c6c7c593b819f2f2eac
Author: Corey Wright <email address hidden>
Date: Tue May 3 23:13:24 2016 -0500

    crypto: Add support for Paramiko 2.x

    Only use PyCrypto/PyCryptodome work-around with Paramiko 1.x and use
    straight-forward Paramiko interface with 2.x.

    TODO: Revert this and PyCrypto/PyCryptodome work-around when Paramiko
    is upgraded to 2.x (ie replace `generate_keys(bits)` call with

    Change If88beeb3983705621fe736995939ac20b2daf1f3 added a work-around
    for the partially-PyCrypto-compatible PyCryptodome causing Paramiko,
    which has a dependency on PyCrypto, to break. This work-around
    entails implementing Paramiko internals (ie how to generate a key) in
    Nova in a way compatible with both PyCrypto and PyCryptodom.

    This work-around is itself a source of failure with Paramiko 2 which
    has replaced the PyCrypto requirement with the cryptography Python
    package. As Paramiko no longer depends on PyCrypto, Nova doesn't have
    an explicit PyCrypto requirement, and there's no implicit dependency
    on PyCrypto, when Nova tries to import PyCrypto it fails. Even if
    PyCrypto was installed, the work-around would still fail because the
    Paramiko interface that Nova is using as part of the work-around
    changed with the major version change (ie 1.x => 2.x).

    Change-Id: I5d6543e690a3b4495476027fd8a4894ff8c42bf6
    Related-Bug: #1483132