Comment 10 for bug 1446082

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/kilo

commit 8ba0159a0e29d84f8b02a9e037f8fc4585670252
Author: Dan Smith <email address hidden>
Date: Wed May 13 11:52:10 2015 -0700

    Fix loading things in instance_extra for old instances

    If we don't have db_inst['extra'] then we can't load those things. We
    should just set them to None instead of exploding.


    Change-Id: I2ace62158faaa0b6a7df3c32f2cb9f235d178013
    Closes-Bug: #1446082
    (cherry picked from commit 1bfb65d5ac8f7180edf3c4ecea09c8e15982bf27)