Comment 2 for bug 1378904

leehom (feli5) wrote :

I also faced the same problem on my setup:

OS: CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core)
OpenStack: Juno from rdo-release

I have two compute nodes, compute1 in AZ1 and compute2 in AZ2.
I created one instance on each compute, which are instance1 in compute1 and instance2 in compute2.

I can live migrate instance1 to compute2, after migration, available zone was changed from AZ1 to AZ2 on dashboard, but when check the instances table in nova database, instance1's available zone is still AZ1.
So though compute1 and compute2 are in different AZ, I can cold migrate instance1 back to compute1.

Change Host Aggregates is just like live migration, instances AZ is changed on dashboard, but not really changed in dashboard.

BTW, when get instance's detail by using "nova --debug list", it also prints the wrong result