Comment 2 for bug 1367344

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 79bfb1bf343484e98aa36dcc663a5370baf4cab7
Author: pkholkin <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Sep 12 19:31:54 2014 +0400

    Fix libvirt watchdog support

    Using the flavor extra_specs property "hw_watchdog_action" was broken.
    Scheduling of a new instance always failed with NoValidHostFound error
    because of ComputeCapabilitiesFilter, which treated this property as a
    host capability to be checked.

    Commit f0ff4d51057080e769407e873e5ed212f15b773d caused the problem.

    To fix this watchdog_action property is put into 'hw:' scope, so
    that it will be ignored by ComputeCapabilitiesFilter in scheduler and
    handled in libvirt driver. The doc must be fixed accordingly.

    Now driver accepts both 'hw_watchdog_action' and
    'hw:watchdog_action', tests were edited for these cases.
    Were added TODO items to delete the compat code in the next release.

    Closes-Bug: #1367344

    Change-Id: Ic5344ec34a130ee5a0ed2c7348af0b9d79e3508e