Comment 4 for bug 1246327

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit eddd8a14cd2393ce7bdb0ec1c7366177371192b2
Author: Xavier Queralt <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Oct 30 20:21:03 2013 +0100

    Clean BDM when snapshoting volume-backed instances

    When snapshoting a volume-backed instance, its block device mapping is
    copied entirely into the image properties of the resulting snapshot.

    This may lead to some errors when booting from that snapshot because the
    fields 'id', 'insance_uuid' and 'connection_info' must be generated for
    each instance instead of reusing the ones from the original instance.
    For example, sharing the connection_info will cause the new instance to
    try to connect to the original volume instead of creating a new one.

    This patch cleans all the database-specific plus the connection_info
    fields from the block device mapping when creating the snapshot.

    Change-Id: I4190e9519d641c61b00b5d86c3885f2ae4fa86f3
    Partial-Bug: #1246327