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> > > I tried to fix this a few months ago but failed. If someone with the right
> > > skills and time want to have a look at this problem, I'd be happy to give
> > > away a laptop with this chipset. Shipment cost on me. I can prepare a linux
> > > installation with sources of the kernel at the regression point. Contact me
> > > if you are up to the task.
> >
> > Don't do that.
> >
> > Read here:
> > If you can follow those Ubuntu-specific instructions, that will narrow down
> > the problem.
> >
> > If you can't follow those instructions, have you filed a Launchpad bug? If
> > so, please post the link or bug # (double-check that it's a public bug or
> > say it's private).
> The problem is already bisected. The commit that introduces the regression
> switches nv50 to use nvc0's disp implementation. The commit is basically
> deleting all the nv50 code and changing a few function pointers to use the
> nvc0 implementation. I tried pin pointing what the problem was (see comment
> 34) but I was not able to fix the problem.

I saw Ben Gamari's bisection log (from 3.7->3.8), but I didn't realize that you had duplicated the bisection; I only saw your bump 4 months later, on 3.13.

The OP reported this for a Dell Latitude E6400 with G98; are you running similar hardware?