Comment 36 for bug 1111884

Confirmed that 72916698b056d0559263e84372bb45cd83a1c2c2 is bad. Unfortunately this is a merge base. Here is the bisection log,

    git bisect start
    # bad: [5a7bdd4b4173958c53109517b7c95f1039623e7e] docs: Add items for GL4.4
    git bisect bad 5a7bdd4b4173958c53109517b7c95f1039623e7e
    # good: [e64febb4b71475b35765f0dc168df22655444a7f] docs: 9.1.4 release notes
    git bisect good e64febb4b71475b35765f0dc168df22655444a7f
    # bad: [72916698b056d0559263e84372bb45cd83a1c2c2] r600g: fix segfault with old kernel
    git bisect bad 72916698b056d0559263e84372bb45cd83a1c2c2