Comment 2 for bug 1366651

Here's really what happens with the PPAs, as an FYI.

First, nginx announces a new version release/bump. Second, the PPA gets updated when Debian publishes the new package/packaging. Thirdly, that package is downloaded and rebuilt for Ubuntu Precise/Trusty/Utopic/$SUPPORTED_RELEASES.


This is the NEWS entry in Debian for this:

nginx-common (1.6.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  As of nginx-1.6.1-2 we have synced all configuration files with upstream and
  we plan to keep them in sync from now on.

  Unfortunately that might break existing configuration for some users. Please
  check the matrix below for more information:

  File Changes
  koi-win whitespace
  koi-utf whitespace
  mime-types whitespace, changed js/rss mime type,
                  minor other changes & additions
  scgi_params whitespace, added HTTPS
  uwsgi_params whitespace, added HTTPS, removed UWSGI_SCHEME
  fastcgi_params whitespace, removed SCRIPT_FILENAME
  fastcgi.conf new upstream configuration file

  Fastcgi configuration issues

  nginx shipped a modified `fastcgi_params`, which declared `SCRIPT_FILENAME`
  fastcgi_param. This line has now been removed. From now on we are also
  shipping fastcgi.conf from the upstream repository, which includes a sane
  `SCRIPT_FILENAME` parameter value.

  So, if you are using fastcgi_params, you can try switching to fastcgi.conf
  or manually set the relevant params.

  You might also want to read the documentation section before proceeding.
  section: $fastcgi_script_name variable.


According to this, this is a sync with upstream changes. Therefore, this needs to be handled at the Debian level, rather than the PPA level. The idea is the PPA(s) are near-identical to Debian with only necessary deltas. This NEWS entry actually seems to suggest that Upstream, that is to say, nginx itself, has provided this change, and therefore this isn't a bug we can "fix". Users will need to update their configurations to match the upstream-provided changes.