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Jakub Libosvar (libosvar) wrote :

It looks more like a configuration or scaling problem on your environment and not a bug in OVN controller. If it's disconnected then it can't process new flows.

1. ovsdb disconnecting after 5s, how i can fix it?
yes, by default. you can increase it by running 'ovs-vsctl set open . external_ids:ovn-remote-probe-interval="60000"'

2. ovn-controller response OVNSB commit failed, force recompute next time. What is it?
It means ovn-controller attempted a write to the OVN DB but failed. It will recalculate all openflows on the next iteration.

3. ovn-controller log 100% CPU Usage. Looks like it only uses 1 cpu for processing. Maybe the this cpu of compute is being used by vm. How i can fix it? Is it possible for it to use more cpu?
No, ovn-controller is single process, single threaded.

4. Why live-migrate can't down ovn-controller? Is it a flow conflict? Is there any way to deal with this situation?
It looks like the whole environment is unstable, you should check southbound database if it's not overloaded.