Comment 1 for bug 1862374

Brian Haley (brian-haley) wrote :

I'm not sure this is a bug in neutron, but possibly in either the client or openstacksdk.

The PUT has the incorrect port id:

{"floatingip": {"fixed_ip_address": "", "port_id": "6f8626ba-ae8c-492a-93ad-3f349c600a3b"}}'

It should have 778899dd-7c15-47a9-8968-261088aa14bf

Can you run the command with an increased verbosity using -vv/-vvv ? I'm curious what the GET returns for port information, for example this command:

GET call to network for

Something I also noticed is that the client code in openstackclient/compute/v2/ is getting all the ports and then filtering if a fixed_ip is given, it could have passed the fixed_ip to "port list" to have it filter for it, at least I think that should work and might also fix the issue.