Comment 4 for bug 1834045

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 229f894ee6aff6b5da8cc399575537feed1c6a49
Author: Maciej Józefczyk <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 31 12:21:42 2019 +0000

    Update port_status to ACTIVE during live-migration

    During live-migration nova waits for 'network-vif-plugged' event
    in order to proceeed with live-migration [1]. While using OVN
    it never happened because the original design assumes usage
    of neutron agents.

    This patch updates port status from DOWN to ACTIVE during
    pre_live_migration state, which in fact for Neutron/ML2
    is done by neutron-ovs-agent, just only to emit
    'network-vif-plugged' notification and allow nova
    to perform live-migration.


    Change-Id: Ib9fe6e1bfea1d5f62b2f2b6fdb12d16878108c3f
    Related-Bug: 1834045