Comment 1 for bug 1821963

Bence Romsics (bence-romsics) wrote :

Thank you for your bug report. I'm trying to reproduce the problem. Is this the rally scenario you're running?

This is what I'm doing (in devstack built on current master just a bit after rc1):

/opt/stack/neutron $ cat rally-jobs/bug-1821963.yaml
{% set floating_network = floating_network or "public" %}

  version: 2
  title: Rally Task for OpenStack Neutron CI
  description: >
    The task contains various scenarios to prevent concurrency issues
      title: Subnet related workloads.
              network_create_args: {}
              subnet_create_args: {}
              subnet_cidr_start: ""
              subnets_per_network: 2
              times: 200
              concurrency: 40
              tenants: 1
              users_per_tenant: 1
                network: -1
                subnet: -1
/opt/stack/neutron $ rally task start rally-jobs/bug-1821963.yaml

But with this I was not able to reproduce the problem yet even at concurrency=40.

Can you please share more detail on how to reproduce this problem?

In your point 2) are you saying you're seeing the same problem in the stable/ocata gate jobs? If yes, could you please link to logs?