Comment 9 for bug 1787792

Both in LB and OVS, you have QoS support in both directions (egress and ingress). Of course, the QoS rule is applied at L2 (no IP classification). The QoS policies are applied in the compute node, relieving the network node from applying those QoS policies and reducing the network traffic in the OpenStack cluster.

A VM usually have one external IP (IPv4 FIP or IPv6). Just applying L2 QoS in the compute node could be enough to shape the traffic.

Let me ask you, just to understand better the context of this RFE. Why do you need specifically IPv6 QoS? What are the use cases? Having a set of use cases could increase the goal of this RFE.

If IPv6 doesn't go trough a NAT router (as you pointed out, is not like IPv4 FIP), are you proposing to introduce L3 classification in the current QoS implementation? Let me rephrase this: currently the QoS rules applied to the VM ports or interfaces (depending on the back-end), are only for the ML2 QoS extension. If we combine IPv6 L3 QoS and ML2 QoS in the same interfaces, we need to be very careful on how we manage those rules.