Comment 29 for bug 1731595

Xav Paice (xavpaice) wrote :

We have installed the Ocata -proposed package, however the situation is this:

- there's 464 routers configured, on 3 Neutron gateway hosts, using l3-ha, and each router is scheduled to all 3 hosts.
- we installed the package because were in a situation with a current incident with multiple l3 agents active, hoping the package update would solve the problem. One of the gateway hosts was being rebooted at the time to also try to do a King Canute and halt the tidal wave of arp.
- We later found that openvswitch had run out of filehandles, see LP: #1737866
- Resolving that allowed ovs to create a ton more filehandles.
- Removing/ re-adding the routers to agents seemed to clean things up, we saw some routers with multiple agents active, and some with none active (all 3 agents 'standby').
- After a few iterations of that, things cleaned up.
- 15-20 mins later, we saw more routers with multiple agents active (ones which weren't before), and ran through the same cleanup steps. At this time, there were a large number of keepalived messages in syslog, particularly routers becoming MASTER then BACKUP again. (
- after another hour or two, we're still clean.

I can't at this stage whether the fix actually fixed the problem or not - I need to dig further to find out if there could have been some process running cleanups.