Comment 24 for bug 1577488

Ryan Tidwell (ryan-tidwell) wrote :

Yes, I meant symmetric not synchronous :) I'm not sure how symmetric routing can be achieved without the use of BGP. As has been discussed asymmetric routing will still work and isn't the worst thing in the world. I have the RFE to add fixed IP host route announcements here BGP announcements are gated on having fixed. I wouldn't gate the fast-exit work on BGP, even though the BGP changes aren't too tricky. needs more attention if we are to have the BGP announcements. Without it, the L3 agent won't setup the FIP namespace to route properly and packets will just black-hole when they hit the FIP namespace.

My hope is to be able to pursue both fast-exit and BGP independently since they really don't have to be tied together. I'll make a push on the BGP announcements as soon as is fixed.