Comment 4 for bug 1573197

Carl Baldwin (carl-baldwin) wrote :

After talking with Sukhdev and a Manila person at the summit on Friday and looking at the Manila use case, I understand much better what the use case is you're after here. An ML2 mechanism driver that will bind the port to the Manila file server will have access to all of the details it needs. Wouldn't it? I tend to that that we should be thinking along those lines instead of thinking about exposing all of the internal details through the API so that Manila can connect to neutron networks outside of Neutron.

At the summit, I asked that this request be written in terms of the higher level use case needed by Manila, instead of that use case being presented as an after-thought at the end of the description. Actually, the link to the Manila use case [1] is a pretty good start. If you can do that, it will be the start of a decent discussion.