Comment 0 for bug 1573197

Sukhdev Kapur (sukhdev-8) wrote :

Neutron networks are, by default, assumed to be single segmented L2 domains, represented by a single segmentation ID (e.g VLAN ID). Current neutron API (neutron net-show) works well with this model. However, with the introduction of HPB, this assumption is not true anymore. Networks are now multi-segmented. A given network could have anywhere from 3 to N number of segments depending upon the breadth/size of the data center topology. This will be true with the implementation of routed networks as well.

In general, the segments, in multi-segmented networks, will be dynamically created. As mentioned earlier, the number of these segments will grow and shrink dynamically representing the breadth of data center topology. Therefore, at the very least, admins would like to have visibility into these segments - e.g. which segmentation type/id is consumed in which segment of the network.

Venders and Operators are forced to come up with their hacks to get such visibility.
This RFE proposes that we enhance neutron API to address this visibility issue in a vendor/implementation agnostic way - by either enhancing "neutron net-show" or by introducing additional commands such as "neutron net-segments-list/neutron net-segment-show".

This capability is needed for Neutron-Manila integration as well. Manila requires visibility into the segmentation IDs used in specific segments of a network. Please see Manila use case here -