Comment 5 for bug 1526855

Ed Bak (ed-bak2) wrote :

With the patches suggested above by Swami, I am now seeing the following set of VMs retrying for metadata more than the default 20 retries. This is from a test which creates 4000 instances. The issues began somewhere after ~2000 VMs. This is with a distributed router. I verified once again that this issue does not occur with a legacy router ( distributed=False). This is a little better but I'm still seeing some failures.

Instance UUID # of metadata retries
7e19baed-e4e5-47be-8e37-9a81cac94943 31
9d5236d4-bc11-4b01-a216-2d37e2c7a006 2
aba89ecc-f089-40ed-9a3b-3c18e6abaa92 35
4b704e14-dc7d-40a5-880e-4474c7eb510d 41
1fd548a2-e82a-4f55-971f-6e51683596f9 21
a636492f-395d-4256-9418-e490644d9db7 52
8466262e-82aa-479e-a6af-f5ff0d20aa2a 36
27a005cc-03aa-4106-9de0-8541a399dfcb 47
58f0610f-4ae8-42f7-9a67-5623ecc921bd 40