Comment 19 for bug 1513678

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/liberty

commit 96d4ab3de5ff09ae3fd7cdf8060f60ecb7ad6979
Author: Swaminathan Vasudevan <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Nov 25 15:15:17 2015 -0800

    Remove check on dhcp enabled subnets while scheduling dvr

    In check_ports_exist_on_l3agent we have an optimization fix
    that checks for the subnets associated with the router and if
    the subnets have dhcp enabled we go ahead and create the
    router if it is a dvr_snat agent.

    This was introduced in liberty since we saw some race condition
    in the gate with single node failures.
    It may not be completely right, since the dhcp agents can
    run on non dvr_snat nodes as well.

    Based on recommendation from the reviews, and a recent upstream
    patch that sends notification on port create, we would want to
    remove this and monitor the situation.

    This would reduce the load on check_ports_exist_on_l3agent for
    non dvr_snat nodes.

    Related-Bug: #1513678



    Change-Id: I0f50dc1101b2013caf03a64a4f48e2d03ea87b26
    (cherry picked from commit c2483b73c2ca6586d7b169511be50f85230fd0f7)