Comment 14 for bug 1513144

Carl Baldwin (carl-baldwin) wrote :

Putting agents in a state that prevents automatic scheduling but allows manual scheduling is very important for operators. At one point, it wasn't this way and I wanted it to be. Since then, I lost track of any changes to this and I'm honestly not sure what admin_state_up does today. If I understand the comments correctly, we have this behavior today. Is it correct that admin_state_up disables automatic scheduling but allows manual scheduling and the agent is otherwise healthy?

If the answer is yes then I think there may be a valid RFE here. Is the gap just that there is no way to kick something back in to the scheduler? If we could mark the agent admin_state_up=False and then kick all of its routers/networks/etc. back in to the automatic scheduler, would that solve it?

In the case of the L2 agent, shouldn't it be the higher level resources that get rescheduled (router, network, vm, etc)?