Comment 11 for bug 1498987

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 11c3f0cafd62f9f9b46fd494f9cc6c372f77b1c9
Author: Dustin Lundquist <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Nov 2 16:50:04 2016 -0700

    DHCP agent: advertise SLAAC prefixes

    Advertise IPv6 SLAAC prefixes via router advertisements with router
    lifetime of zero so prefix can be discovered on isolated networks.
    Since the router lifetime of these RAs is zero, they will not be used as
    a next hop. Implementing this now so Octavia can use an isolated IPv6

    Change-Id: I4a9c2018606d1729465612206f8e8e2fc4922516
    Closes-bug: #1498987
    Related-bug: #1407573