Comment 4 for bug 1475093

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 9ba23658a34eac696a7eed9a8aaca6a4625d1391
Author: Isaku Yamahata <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 15 12:34:12 2015 -0700

    l3_db: not use L2 plugin _get_port unnecessarily

    This patch is clean up to prevent future breakage by eliminating
    potentially dangerous code.

    l3_db uses L2 plugin _get_port method unnecessarily instead of get_port.
    It's dangerous because _get_port returns ORM db object which allows
    the caller to update db rows directly. So the caller of _get_port may
    update port db without notifying L2 plugin unintentionally.
    In that case, L2 plugin or ML2 mechanism driver will be confused.
    This patch replace _get_port with get_port method where possible.

    Change-Id: I5a23f6cac5ea359645e6947fd69978f060c4ba97
    Related-Bug: #1475093