Comment 9 for bug 1445089

Mathieu Rohon (mathieu-rohon) wrote :

After few tests, and a short conversation with fran├žois who dug into the code of the vxlan module, it seems that learning works even with vxlan unicast networks.

I probably misundestood the previous video or/and it seems some improvements have been made on the vxlan module since the video has been posted.

As yalei said eralier, the issue comes from the proxy mode. If i disable this mode, fdb/neighbor tables are correctly populated, thanks to ARP requests.

@brad : can you tell us more on your test setup? did you remove the "proxy" mode of vxlan interfaces by modifying the code of the linuxbridge agent? As said yalei, it doesn't seem that this mode can be disabled dynamically.

As already proposed, a possible workaround would be to add a flag to disable the proxy mode, but of course, the consequence would be to flood every tunnel with ARP requests.
A long term alternative would be to have a fallback mode in the vxlan module so that vxlan interfaces with proxy mode set can fallback to classical ARP learning when no entry exists in the neighbor table.