ML2 plugin Plugin does not support updating provider attributes

Bug #1428062 reported by Itzik Brown on 2015-03-04
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Bug Description

When trying to update segmentation_id
# neutron net-update --provider:segmentation_id=190 public1

The update fails and in Neutron error:
update failed (client error): Invalid input for operation: Plugin does not support updating provider attributes

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Rajesh Asanabada (rasanaba) wrote :

As per my observations/findings from ice house code base, this seems to be expected behavior. Could you please provide more details regard this problem

Itzik Brown (itzikb1) wrote :

As in the description: It should be possible, for example, to change the segmentation id of the network.

Rajesh Asanabada (rasanaba) wrote :

From Ice House ML2 Plugin code base I have understood that ,ML2 Plugin will not support updating the provider attributes( explicitly added the validation in the beginning of API implementation itself to restrict the user to update the provider attributes and will throw an error as mentioned in the description, if the user trying to update the provider attributes).Hence I have mentioned it as an expected behavior. Could someone please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

From Neutron API document( under update network section, it is explained that the segmentaion_id attribute is based on network_type attribute,
if network_type=vlan then segmentation_id=vlan identifier
if network_type=gre then segmentation_id=gre key
For other network_type like local and flat, segmentaion_id is not applicable.

So, i think if segmentaion_id is tried to modify for vlan and gre network_types it should allowed.

@Itzik Brown==> kindly let us know for which network_type you tried to modify segmentation_id

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Itzik Brown (itzikb1) wrote :

The network_type is VLAN.

Itzik Brown (itzikb1) on 2015-05-19
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Kindly refer the API reference link,

Under “Networks multiple provider extension” , it is stated that the provider attributes cannot be updated.

Not allowing to update the provider attributes is the expected behavior as per the API reference

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LiuYong (liu-yong8) on 2016-03-01
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YAMAMOTO Takashi (yamamoto) wrote :

i thought this was by design.

David Hill (david-hill-ubisoft) wrote :

Hello guys,

   What happens if we have 1000 ports (I'm taking any numbers here) and for some reasons, the network team wants to change the VLAN tag from 1 to 1000 for some reasons. I mean, we need to have a way of changing the segmentation ID without tearing everything down and rebuilding the whole infrastructure.

My 0.02$ here.

Thank you very much,


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Mark (markp88) wrote :

This is a major issue. It doesn't matter much whether it is by design or not. I have several hosts on a number of subnets whose vlan id has changed (due to network relocation). Not being able to change the segmentation id is a big flaw.

Is there no workaround?

YAMAMOTO Takashi (yamamoto) wrote :

probably it makes sense to allow changing segmentation_id.
"support updating provider attributes" is a too generic description though.

YAMAMOTO Takashi (yamamoto) wrote :

related bug 1663087

Change abandoned by boden (<email address hidden>) on branch: master
Reason: The vmware-nsx plugin is (or will be) support update of provider network extended attributes; so we do have at least 1 project using it. It folks are in favor of adding support (at least thinking about it someday), so let's just leave things as-is for now.

siddharth (siddharth.parnam) wrote :

Hi All,

As part of the API documentation :
it is clearly mentioned that there are no possibility to make any updates to the attributes provider:network_type, provider:physical_network, and provider:segmentation_id as part of the network update request even if the configurations are allowed for modifications
as part of : " File" for the network_type=vlan.

Here is the Error we will encounter on modifying the attributes:
Error message:
    "NeutronError": {
        "detail": "",
        "message": "Invalid input for operation: Plugin does not support updating provider attributes.",
        "type": "InvalidInput"

So as mentioned in the above discussions there is no current handling / implementation to update the provider network attributes and we certainly think that disabling the Flags in will make any difference to disabling the support.

So let us know if we can handle the network updates possible for the segments as part of future releases.
Can we look into the Bug "multiprovidernet updates are ignored" to support this behaviour change?
Or there is any other opinion on the analysis, please correct on the understanding.

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