Comment 5 for bug 1388716

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/juno

commit 033e1413fa74a12fc4a0601c42e184317b0586c4
Author: Sachi King <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Nov 3 00:35:51 2014 +1100

    Fix L3 HA network creation to allow user to create router

    Update HA Network creation to use an admin context to allow Neutron
    to create the tenant-less network required for the HA router when
    it does not yet exist and is being created by a non-admin user.

    Neutron creates these resources without a tenant so users cannot see
    or modify the HA network, ports, etc. Port creation and association
    already use elivated admin contexts to allow their function when
    an user attempts to create a HA L3 router.


    Change-Id: I36166158a0970b8d08d6702054b11a43fb684281
    Closes-Bug: #1388716
    (cherry picked from commit cc9bc24229f1d79dc99303db1affc03c030c011e)