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OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote : Fix merged to networking-l2gw (master)

Submitter: "Zuul (22348)"
Branch: master

commit fb7ff9f45b35c9f0dbdcc853e441a07de4560369
Author: Takashi Kajinami <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 9 01:57:21 2022 +0900

    Fix missing common options

    Since the dependent patch was merged in Neutron, we need to call
    the register_common_config_options method explicitly to register common
    options like oslo.log options.

    This change updates the job template according to the tested runtimes
    for Zed. This is required to remove Python 3.6/7 because these are no
    longer supported.

    Also, now unit tests are executed with current master code of Neutron,
    instead of the latest release, so that we can run test with any
    unreleased change in Neutron.

    Closes-Bug: #1977980
    Related-Bug: #1968606
    Change-Id: I1ac3557fcd6eba187d52686345040c5fdfb4f7e9