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XSpielinbox (xspielinbox) wrote (last edit ): Re: Upgrade Netplan schema to YAML 1.2.x spec

Thank you.

However, the upgrade of the YAML version was just a suggestion.
I can understand, that for backwards compatibility does not plan to upgrade the YAML version without good preparation, especially if migrating to a different YAML library would be needed. I see that this does not make sense at the moment.
But especially considering this, I find it way more important to clarify what the YAML style should be (within the current version) that Netplan config should adhere too and make it consistent. After all, this would be a prerequisite to some day upgrade the YAML version. Changing this issue to a "feature request" for that does not make sense to me as long as this is not resolved.

And as stated above, I see the importance of such a "code style" not only in preparation, but especially in making it easier and less confusing to work with Netplan, especially for newcomers.
This was the main reasoning behind my issue. Sorry, if this wasn't clear.