Karmic RC: No way to log out, shut down or switch user

Bug #460019 reported by Stephen Warren on 2009-10-24
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Ubuntu Netbook Remix Launcher

Bug Description

I'm not sure if this is a netbook-launcher issue, or a general UNR/Gnome integration/configuration issue. Still, netbook-launcher was what contained this functionality in Jaunty...

I had Jaunty UNR installed, then upgraded to Karmic RC using "update-manager -d". After this, I can't see any on-screen mechanism to log out, switch user, nor shut down.

In Jaunty, the launcher had a panel with some form of logout/shutdown button that could be clicked. This panel is no longer present in Karmic. I've search all options in the launcher, and I can't see any logout/shutdown/quit option. The classic desktop allows access to these functions from a "button" on the top menu-bar.

Luckily, google shows that pressing the power button or CTRL-ALT-DEL will pop up a menu allowing shutdown etc. But still, there's no logout option on that menu.

How am I supposed to logout or switch user in Karmic UNR?

David Barth (dbarth) wrote :

Thanks for your feedback. Was there something specific in the user session you migrated from? In particular, were you using "stock" UNR in Jaunty? or had you customized the mienu a bit? like adding some application launchers or additional applets? Cna you also indicate if you had used desktop-switcher recently, or as part of this migration to Karmic?

Last, if you can reproduce the bug, and provide a testcase for that, that would be very helpful.

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Stephen Warren (srwarren) wrote :

I just had a regular Jaunty UNR install and upgraded to Karmic.

In Jaunty I think I might have used desktop-switcher once just to check it out, but then switched right back. I certainly didn't do any customization in classic mode. I didn't do any customization in netbook mode, since I don't think there's any that can be done?

I image the repro steps are as simple as: Install Jaunty UNR, upgrade to Karmic.

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mdyn (tamerlaha-gmail) wrote :

i has a some problem but also it says, that a "some problem while loading applet (fast_Switch_user etc) delete applet from current config y\n" ,(i have a russian language) i pressing a no and its shows unr-launcher, but without a top-menu button and logout button. installed und from flash to formated ssd. sorry my english )

mdyn (tamerlaha-gmail) wrote :

but after logoff log on all work fine

riban (brian-riban) wrote :

I also observed this issue the first time I tried to shutdown / reboot after my upgrade from Jaunty UNR to Karmic UNR.

The new user interface has a single column of page selectors on the left. The old interface also had a column on the right which included file system access (now moved to the "Files & Folders" page) and the shutdown, reboot, suspend, hibernate options. These options have disappeared (or been moved to somewhere I can not find them).

So the question remains, how do we shutdown, reboot, suspend and hibernate using the new interface?

Ashley Hooper (ash-hooper) wrote :

I had this problem with Gnome on Karmic Koala.

It was caused by using KDM as the display manager instead of GDM.

To switch to GDM:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm

riban (brian-riban) wrote :

I am running GDM with the problem so that is not the cause.

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

Do you still have this issue on karmic? Lucid is using another way to display panel and so, it should be fixed now.

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

I push it as incomplete for our bug tracking system. Do not hesitate to put it again as confirmed if the issue is still valid for you on Karmic.

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Stephen Warren (srwarren) wrote :

Well, if nothing has been done to address this, then the bug is obviously still present.

I personally worked around it somehow. I don't recall how. Perhaps deleting my home directory, or perhaps manually adding the missing applet back or similar.

Same for me - fixed manually.
I hope it will not raise again after the lucid upgrade.

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

Should not. I'll test upgrade as soon as possible (post alpha3)

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