ume-launcher is buggy when Visual Effects enabled

Bug #237731 reported by Mariano Stokle on 2008-06-05
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Ubuntu Netbook Remix Launcher

Bug Description

If Visual Effects are enabled (compiz 1:0.7.4-0ubuntu6 hardy) ume-launcher works buggy:

- when ume-launcher is visible, gnome-panel disappears, mouse-over the zone and some applets appears
- when launching an application, the desktop area gets white, sometimes ume-launcher appears and mouse over the zone makes some application widgets to appear.

Disabling Visual Effects and ume-launcher works flawlessly.

Matteo Collina (matteo-collina) wrote :

I've also tried different settings for compiz but nothing helps.

Lam Pak Ting (lampakting) wrote :

It happens on my laptop too.
Also, the "white" remains displayed if no keyboard input / mouse move after login.

Neil J. Patel (njpatel) wrote :

Hi guys, I'm guessing your all on Intel graphics chipsets (correct me if I'm wrong). This is a known problem with the DRI on the Intel graphics for all OpenGL programs (but it shows mostly on any windowed programs, like glxgears).

There's no fix at the moment, but I'm told the next release of Xorg will have new drivers with a brand-new DRI option ("DRI2"), which fixes this issue.

The Xorg bug is at

Martin Lettner (m.lettner) wrote :

same problem here on the EeePC, which - you said it neil - uses intel graphics chipsets. Thanks for the info!
For now we have to wait on the next Xorg and disable compiz and metacity compositing.

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

and the irony is that most of the "netbooks" use Intel graphics :-)

yay (yay) wrote :

same problem here running ati graphics (radeon 9600 mobility - rv350) together with the proprietary driver (fglrx). a similar problem comes up when running metacity without any compositing features. the panels, opened applications and ume-launcher itself disappear arbitraryly and get covered by a white screen for about half a second.

DemonGloom (demongloom) wrote :

The same on ATI Radeon X700 Pro with proprietary driver. KWin and Metacity works excellent, Compiz produces that bug...

Pete Goodall (pgoodall) wrote :

I will confirm this bug, but I cannot set an importance at this time. Will re-evaluate later.

Changed in netbook-remix:
status: New → Confirmed
Neil J. Patel (njpatel) wrote :

Marking as "Invalid" as this is not a launcher issue, it's an Intel drive issue. If you can, it's worth trying out the latest drivers as I here they fix the issue with all GL apps. Also, I'm this to the netboox-remix-launcher product.

Changed in netbook-remix:
status: Confirmed → Invalid

I also get this problem while compiz is enabled.

Disabling compiz fixes the issue as does killing ume-launcher and starting it from a shell.

Supplemental to above, this is on an IBM Thinkpad T41 with a Radeon Mobility 7500 (lspci -vv output attached)

dialallama (mrjoebailey) wrote :

I agree that this is a problem with OpenGL and not with ume-launcher.

However, I have the same problem on a desktop machine with an Nvidia graphics card when compiz if running; so I dont think it's intel related. I also have this problem when using the kstart command to try and launch programs ontop.

If this is related to OpenGL does anyone know of the actual bug causing this, or any fixes?

antistress (antistress) wrote :

i was running UNR with Hardy since june 2008 and later with Intrepid and i've always had that bug with metacity compositor enabled.

I have an Intel GPU GMA950

I've just switched to Jaunty alpha 4 wich is supposed to provide Xserver 1.6 and Intel drivers 2.6 with DRI2 support

I'm very disapointed to see that the bug is still there

Do i miss something ? Is DRI2 active by default ?

Same with Compiz

Note that the new notification system is also buggy on Jaunty with my GMA 950

antistress (antistress) wrote :

ok i've understood :

"DRI2 support added, but is only available when setting UXA"

Therefore the way to do is
sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
then to add
Option "AccelMethod" "UXA"
under the Device heading

then this bug is fixed and there comes the new bug : Bug #327921 "netbook-launcher does not render correctly with intel video 2.6.1 and UXA"...

therefore, in may case (Intel GMA950), this bug is fixed and i'm waiting for the new one (Bug #327921) to be fixed

antistress (antistress) wrote :

this bug in Ubuntu Netbook Remix seems to be the same that the present one

Svento (tunnelmassa) wrote :

Maximus seems to be the problem. I set it to undecorate, to have Window Buttons in the panel, and the panel becomes invisible when I close a maximized window. Firefox and Thunderbird are not affected, I have the problem with Nautilus, Terminal and more than anything else with Synaptic. As soon as I turned off the undecorating in the configuration editor, the problems disappeared.

OpenBox can be set to undecorate, but that's not an alternative for me, because it shows the window buttons in unmaximized windows to the right, like Windows. The natural place for the Panel Buttons is to the left, so it would be a bit confusing...

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