Activity log for bug #1248086

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2013-11-05 09:18:17 Morten Brekkevold bug added bug
2016-01-12 08:14:24 Rune Kittelsen bug added subscriber Rune Kittelsen
2016-10-20 12:01:50 Morten Brekkevold nav: status New In Progress
2016-10-20 12:01:54 Morten Brekkevold nav: assignee Morten Brekkevold (mbrekkevold)
2016-10-20 12:03:24 Morten Brekkevold tags navref etherchannel eventengine ipdevpoll lacp navref portchannel
2016-10-20 12:10:05 Morten Brekkevold description NAV should raise some sort of redundancy loss-related alert if one of the underlying interfaces of an aggregated/portchannel link goes down. When an aggregated link (any LACP-compatible aggregation, I guess) becomes degraded, i.e. one of the underlying physical links go down, NAV should dispatch a new type of linkDegraded alert, with the aggregated/logical link as its subject. NAV does not currently have reliable information about aggregated links. An obvious and primary source of this would be IEEE8023-LAG-MIB. An aggregated link must have an obvious aggregation status on its ipdevinfo page. If possible, any further degradation to the same aggregate should result in further warnings sent, related to the already established alert state. Preferably, aggregation status should be visible when expanding the linkDegraded alert in the status page, but this may require other changes to the status API or status page that don't fit with the scope of this feature (but should nonetheless be documented as a separate feature request).
2016-11-03 14:48:40 Morten Brekkevold nav: milestone 4.6.0
2016-11-03 14:48:42 Morten Brekkevold nav: status In Progress Fix Committed
2016-12-01 13:32:34 Morten Brekkevold nav: status Fix Committed Fix Released