Comment 40 for bug 95853

>I think Nautilus' behaviour is correct. The behaviour is by design, and the "confirm_trash"
>option is doing what it is supposed to do: Request confirmation for the non-revertable actions
>"Delete Trash" and "Delete files", but not for the revertable "Move to trash".

Despite I have different opinion, I accept the Nautilus authors' decision. I just wonder if the requested behavior can be reached e.g. by some plugin.

>That being said, I agree that a cluebar with an "Undo" button might be a useful _enhancement_ to Nautilus.

I can also imagine such a solution - not obtrusive, but giving sufficient visual feedback to the user, with a possibility to revert the action. Just to find find proper look and feel...

>Python code for having notification bubbles...

Concerning some system-wide notification, I would be careful here. With the new notification system in jaunty, I can feel "inflation of notification" a bit as many apps still notify something (IM events, music player, incoming email...)