It's too easy to move files to trash

Bug #738616 reported by GG on 2011-03-20
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It's too easy to hit the delete key accidentally and move things to the trash without realizing.
IE, Konqueror and thunar fix this with a confirmation dialogues.
MacOSx finder by using the Command-Delete combination.

Can we adopt this latter strategy in nautilus-elementary too? What do you think? The attached patch fix that and changes Delete into Control-Delete. Also, fixes the shortcut tip label in the edit menu.

No thanks, for one its too close to ctrl-alt-del (yes I'm aware that combo is off by default) and I have enough key combos to remember. Two Its only moving the files to the trash, they can be restored from there. Three how cramped is your keyboard that you "accidentally" hit the delete key?

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) wrote :

The solution to this kind problem is not really to confirm but to be warned. Nobody want to indefinitly confirm an action. Are you sure you want to send to trash this file? Are you sure you want to empty the trash? Are you really really sure?

Exausting ;)

The consensus on this kind of problem is to warn not to ask indefinitely the user, like gmail does it in a little ribbon. We already got undo/redo functionality in nautilus-elementary (patch which is available on bugzilla since 2008). The mechanism already work we just need to make the Undo more prominent and not hidden in a menu which is useless.

Changed in nautilus-elementary:
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GG (giorgio-gilestro) wrote :

Hi ammonkey.

Actually the patch I attached here does not do any confirmation.
It simply changes the shortcut from Delete to Control-Delete, like in Finder.

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) wrote :

@GG my bad i thought it was a request for another confirmation dialog ;)

do u really need a special key combination if u had an undo ribbon like in gmail warning u?

Delete is standard keyboard shortcut (present in many applications/environments) and it's gonna hard to replace it, everybody got his little preferences on shortcut keys. Move to trash is not a critical action as u can retrieve what was moved anytime. Plus what about the open dialog (or others applications) u got a delete in there too. In the end we won't have a coherent experience. Personality i like my delete and it would felt awkward if the delete didn't delete anything.

There still the possibility of a "secure" option but it won't be something default. But think again about the first question, if u were warned would it really matter?

GG (giorgio-gilestro) wrote :

Do we have an undo ribbon like in gmail?

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) wrote :

"Do we have an undo ribbon like in gmail?"

No we don't at the moment.

I won't merge your patch because i don't think it's the correct solution. Plus ctrl+delete is not a good choice on nautilus because shift+delete is a real delete (not just a move to trash) and this is a critical action. The shorcuts are too close to each other.

GG (giorgio-gilestro) wrote :

The patch has actually been merged in nautilus git master.


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