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Bug #591357 reported by Night Train on 2010-06-08
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Bug Description

Below is a list of possible options to be presented in the toolbar editor. We should think carefully about these options and decide on a sane list of desirable options.

Computer - depends on ammonkey's plans for a sidebar dropdown. (in this case probably should be renamed to Places)
Open Parent
Gloobus Preview
Actions: Cut Copy Paste Delete, etc (essentially the right click menu. Maybe we can do this popover style?)

Here are the options we've decided are 100% approved:

Edit Location
View (Buttons)

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) wrote :

sure they are displayed you can add the string "i am the king of the universe" too it would be displayed but won't do anything like it's linked to none existing actions.

cut/copy/paste are not supported action, so there's bug here.

so the question really is do we want to have cut/copy/paste/ actions in nautilus-elementary? i let Dan answer that :D
and if we start to add all the different menus actions where to stop? I am not sure i would want a toolbar editor with a massive long list of options.

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) wrote :

so there's no bug here* :)

Night Train (nighttrain) wrote :

hi kitkat

I have only said that before was customizable through the file usr/share/nautilus/ui/nautilus-navigation-window-ui.xml, while now not more

the buttons Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete are only a comfort and a proof (by good customers linux)

there is a file for to customize the toolbar?

in every event ... thanks

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) wrote :

actually the default possibles options are defined in the source code, it's all the elements you see in the available column.
Maybe i can add theses possibles default actions in gconf too and you will be able to add theses actions in the toolbar.

Daniel Fore (danrabbit) wrote :

Hmm its an interesting point to bring up. We should definitely set some time aside to think about possible toolbar items and then make sure we have a nice concise set of really good options in addition to having sane defaults.

Daniel Fore (danrabbit) wrote :

changed the title of the bug to reflect its actual intent.

summary: - customize toolbar do not display some buttons
+ Add more options to toolbar editor
Daniel Fore (danrabbit) on 2010-07-01
description: updated
Nicolò Chieffo (yelo3) wrote :

I'd actually like to have copy-paste actions.
Actually copy-paste is one of the most used features for file browsers.
instead of using the right click menu having those buttons optionally in the toolbar would be an improvement

ruben (rlvargas) wrote :

I would definitely vote to include cut/copy/pate. One of the scenarios that I believe these are useful is when remote controlling another computer over a slow connection. It is clumsy to open the right click menu and choose an option from it. It's much faster to select the files you want to handle and perform the action with just one click. If you don't want to let these buttons showing as default at least consider to let them be configured by gconf or any other tweak. That would be much appreciated.
And congratulations for the great job on Nautilus Elementary.

Daniel Fore (danrabbit) on 2010-10-16
Changed in nautilus-elementary:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
JerryG (jegluck) wrote :

Hi. I would also like to have copy/cut/paste buttons available on the toolbar.


Peshko R. (peshko-us) wrote :

cut/copy/paste is good, but how about a button for a New Folder?

Ovidiu Zeicu (ovidiu-zeicu) wrote :

Yes, cut/copy/paste is a must-have. Also delete/trash. The Windows Explorer toolbar customisability is one of the few things I miss from XP. In Vista and 7 they screw it up big time. But that's not the point.
I managed to add some buttons by editing nautilus-navigation-window-ui.xml and I was happy with at least that. But then I installed Nautilus Elementary and I was very dissapointed to see them gone.
Please, make it so they could be available again.
Thank you.

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