Comment 10 for bug 439163

I have the same problem with the same DVB tuner on alpha 6, here are my two cents.
1. The tuner works fine on mythbuntu 9.04
2. On mythbuntu 9.10 the tuner works fine with kaffeine. (be sure to setup mythtv to use the card on demand).
3. The 9.10 mythtv setup existing transports screen is black whilst the one on my 9.04 has about six entries similar to the line below:

 QAM-16 505833330 Hz netid 9018 tid 4100 (DVB-T)

4. On 9.04 mythtv-backend setup input connections my tuner is
    [DVB:0] (DVBInput->XMLTV
    On 9.10 mythtv-backend setup input connection my tuner is

Am thinking of coping some configuration files from my 9.04 installation to 9.10 to see what happens, problem is am a lamar and I dont know what files and where to locate them.