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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1307546: dist-upgrade from 12.04 -> 14.04 axes /etc/X11/xorg.conf Undecided Confirmed 2 days

From: Mario Limonciello
Link: 0001-During-first-boot-don-t-remove-existing-xorg.conf.-L.patch


Bug #1099149: mythtv-setup wrapper script calls mythfilldatabase without the configured arguments High Triaged 66 weeks

From: matlo
Link: patch


Bug #907301: mythtv backend wouldn't start automatically after the latest update Undecided New 122 weeks

From: limcearna
Link: mythtv-backend.conf

my fixed version

Bug #813273: FINTEK USB remote receiver not recognized by lirc-0.8.6 on mythbuntu lucid Undecided New 144 weeks

From: stlubuntu
Link: lirc_mceusb.c

new lirc_mceusb.c source file modified to support this device

Bug #807349: au-Brisbane in Mythbuntu 11.04 is incomplete. Undecided New 145 weeks

From: dogphlap
Link: au-Brisbane

An edited version of /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/au-Brisbane including all frequencies etc.

Bug #781267: irexec not written by mythbuntu-lirc-generator Undecided New 154 weeks

From: Paul Hooper
Link: fix-irexec-write.patch

corrects "patern" to "pattern"

Bug #728170: MythCenter-Wide: recordings screen clock widget is too narrow for long date format Undecided New 164 weeks

From: Marc Sherman
Link: recordings-ui.xml.diff

Patch to make the date widget wider

Bug #578154: Improve mapping in Medium Fix Committed 206 weeks

From: Michael Sebastian

Bug #518470: Mythbuntu theme music ratings not shown Low Incomplete 219 weeks

From: Keith Allcock
Link: music-ui.xml.diff

Changes as a diff file

Bug #302919: lcdproc: Futaba dm-140gink VFD device needs driver Wishlist Confirmed 221 weeks

From: DustWolf
Link: lcdproc-0.5.3-dm140_henlar_v0.2.patch

lcdproc-0.5.3 dm140 henlar v0.2 patch

Bug #270934: Mythweb looking in wrong directory for weather map Low Incomplete 291 weeks

From: laga
Link: mythweb.patch


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