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Comment 2 for bug 157713

Sorry, no. The Mythbuntu wiki for remote controls has some workarounds but I
am in the process of trying Mythbuntu for the first time, so I'm in the
middle of setup and I haven't tried any of those.

On 10/27/07, laga <email address hidden> wrote:
> Carl Tuttle schrieb:
> > Public bug reported:
> >
> > On automatic installation, step 12 of 15, Configure Remote Control, the
> > Choose Remote dropdown does not include the Keyspan Express Remote, a
> > USB remote and receiver primarily used for Apple users. Perhaps this is
> > not a popular remote and not worth the effort, but it does have the keys
> > necessary to do a good, basic job of handling the DVR.
> >
> Do you have any additional information like lircd.conf files? Or
> instructions how to set up that remote to work in Linux?
> --
> Keyspan remote not listed as supported
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