Infinite recursion when setting connection client_flags

Bug #695514 reported by blep on 2010-12-29
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MySQL Connector/Python
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Geert JM Vanderkelen
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Geert JM Vanderkelen

Bug Description

* How to reproduce:
import mysql.connector
mysql.connector.connect( client_flags=mysql.connector.ClientFlag.FOUND_ROWS )
  File "C:\Python31\lib\site-packages\mysql\connector\", line 601, in set_client_flags
  File "C:\Python31\lib\site-packages\mysql\connector\", line 601, in set_client_flags
  File "C:\Python31\lib\site-packages\mysql\connector\", line 600, in set_client_flags
    if isinstance(flags,int) and flags > 0:
RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp

* Cause:
    def set_client_flags(self, flags):
        if isinstance(flags,int) and flags > 0:
=> if an int is passed, an infinite recursion occurs my guess is that self.set_client_flag (without 's') should be called.

Environment info:

* MySQL Connector/Python version (and/or revision)
python -c "import mysql.connector as db; print( db.__version__ )"
(0, 3, 0, 'devel', 287)

* Python version
python --version
Python 3.1.1

| 5.0.51b-community-nt |

* Platform/OS: Windows XP SP2 32 bits

Related branches

Yes, the RunTimeError is indeed a bug. It should have been self.client_flags = flags when an int is given.

It is, however, not recommended to use an int, but a list. From the docs (which we really need to push online one day..):


         MySQL uses client flags when connecting to enable or disable
         certain features. Using the *client_flags* arguments you have
         control of what is set. To find out what flags are available,
         you can use the following:

          >>> from mysql.connector.constants import ClientFlag
          >>> print '\n'.join(ClientFlag.get_full_info())

         If *client_flags* is not specified (that is, it is zero), defaults
         will used for MySQL v4.1 and later. If you specify an integer greater
         than ``0``, you need to make sure all flags are set. However, a much
         better way to set and unset flags is to use a list.

         For example, you want to set the FOUND_ROWS-flag:

         >>> mysql.connector.connect(client_flags=[ClientFlag.FOUND_ROWS])

         If you want to unset one of the defaults, e.g. LONG_FLAG:

         >>> mysql.connector.connect(client_flags=[


Thus, in this case, correct would be:

mysql.connector.connect( client_flags=[mysql.connector.ClientFlag.FOUND_ROWS] )

I found doing it using a sequence much more intuitive and clearer, what you think?

Changed in myconnpy:
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
assignee: nobody → Geert JM Vanderkelen (geertjmvdk)
milestone: none → 0.3.1

But.. maybe you're right, and I should just keep the bitwise assignment as well as list..
Let me review this.

If you give the client_flags as integer, it is set as is (this was not working before). No bitwise operations are done on the default flags.
It's much better to use a list of flags to set/unset.

Blogged about this here:

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