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Einar Mostad (einarmostad) wrote :

Thank you for that suggestion! I never thought about doing that. With 100+ GBs of music, editing the tags of all albums with more than one artist isn't as ideal as the programme just correctly displaying the albums in album view, but I will try to see if it fixes the problem short term for an album or two. Editing them all would be a month of work or more...

I suppose most people will never think about editing the tags from an album they bought online or ripped with a program that automatically sets tags if it recognises the album, so I still think this is a bug that needs fixing.

This problem is the reason why I use VLC on Android in stead of the two music players that came with my phone (Google Play and Sony Walkman.) It's much easier to use a player that is smart, than to change the tags of hundreds of albums. My tags are not unique, as I ripped my CDs with iTunes some years ago, other users ripping the same albums would probably have the same tags. For the Ubuntu touch music player, being able to correctly show albums in the album view would probably be a plus.