Comment 6 for bug 788479

Won't this still be a problem with the database queries? I'm confused

On 26/05/2011, at 4:36 PM, Matt Giuca <email address hidden> wrote:

> @Scott: Nope, only a handful, it turns out. The majority of them are
> ==
> null, and some of them are in database queries.
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> Title:
> Non-admin users cannot edit own profile (production)
> Status in Melbourne University Game-based Learning Environment:
> Fix Committed
> Bug description:
> Non-admin users have userCanEdit set to false (can't see the edit
> button or access the edit page) for their own User objects. This is
> not a problem for devteams or games, only users. It only shows up on
> the production server; the testing server (including the gwtc
> compiled
> code) does not exhibit this problem.