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> When will you "gurus" accept that some of us, although quite
> intelligent, may not have the brain power of the universe at our
> fingertips, as you lot seem to think you have.

Ok, let's do it "the easy way":

Go to "System->Administration->Software Sources" (I'm using ubuntu in
spanish, so is possible that the names aren't exactly that. Here you
will have to try). It will ask you the password, because is an
administration tool.

Now, in that new tool, go to the tab "Third party software", check the
option "Unsupported updates (gutsy-backports)" and close the window with
the "Close" button (don't use the X in the window bar). It will ask you
to reload the packages list: do it.

Now go to "System->Administration->Synaptic" and install the
Mplayer/Mencoder packages.

When you have finished, you can uncheck the "Unsupported updates
(gusty-backports)" option to avoid the update manager to replace other
packages. Or you can leave it and have your system with the really last
versions of the packages (remember that in Backports are always newer
versions than in the official distribution, but they aren't officially

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