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Bug #1568322: bicycle explosion Undecided New firefox 114 weeks

From: suburbGira
Link: A epyT - yoBemaG - sirteT.mp3

A epyT - yoBemaG - sirteT.mp3

Bug #543183: Updating system certificates requires rebuild Medium Confirmed firefox 353 weeks

From: Drew Scott Daniels
Link: fc14-mozilla-1.9.2-use_certificate_store.patch

F14 1.9.2 patch to allow use of system certificate store

Bug #789198: Firefox crashes when attempting to play webm video on ARM with Thumb2 enabled Undecided New fennec 364 weeks

From: Dave Martin
Link: firefox-build-workaround.diff

Untested potential workaround, which forces an explicit .align directive in the assembler input

Bug #590042: Updated Hungarian translation Undecided New ubufox 419 weeks

From: Gabor Kelemen
Link: updated-hu-translation.patch

Updated translation

Bug #422511: problem with new scrollbar in Human theme - GtkRange::trough-border set to 2 Medium New firefox 444 weeks

From: Nikola Kovacs
Link: gtkrc.patch


Bug #494067: Provide better Firefox KDE integration Medium Confirmed firefox 445 weeks

From: Felix Geyer
Link: firefox-3.5_3.5.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #184084: Extension description mentions Iceweasel/Icedove/Iceape Medium Incomplete firefox-extensions 499 weeks
Bug #263014: fails to run when built with FORTIFY_SOURCE Medium Confirmed firefox 511 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: xulrunner-1.9_1.9.0.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2.debdiff

fix buffer overflows in xulrunner-1.9

Bug #157267: Firefox script broken if not invoked as /usr/bin/firefox Undecided New seamonkey 545 weeks

From: Panayiotis Karabassis
Link: firefox.patch


Bug #174554: hildonized menu doesn't work properly with FFirefox 3.0 Beta 1 code base Undecided Incomplete midbrowser 549 weeks

From: Alexander Sack
Link: midbrowser-3.0.patch

(better) firefox 3.0 => midbrowser patch

Bug #139942: [TODO] enable gconf proxy settings if available Wishlist Confirmed midbrowser 555 weeks

From: cwong1
Link: C:\temp\gconf-backend.patch


Bug #90851: Firefox does not set KDE wallpaper Wishlist Confirmed firefox 580 weeks

From: Jim Massey
Link: KDEBackground-Wallpaper.diff

updated patch

Bug #99740: [MASTER] Firefox problems with desktop-effects Medium Confirmed firefox 585 weeks
Bug #32301: uploaded attachment isn't downloadable Undecided New firefox 643 weeks

From: Chris Moore
Link: test2.patch

second test

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